UpLifting Chair

The world's first manual wheelchair with a raisable seat

Our Vision

The UpLifting wheelchair is the world’s first manual wheelchair that raises the seat upward. It opens an entire new world functionally and socially, in which a user can talk to standing people eye-to-eye and reach all objects in any standard home or office. In America, 3.2 million adults and 400,000 children use wheelchairs, and 87% use manual wheelchairs (the preferred type, if the user has upper-body movement). Before the UpLifting wheelchair, only power wheelchairs could horizontally raise the seat height. Therefore, over three million Americans have been stuck with their heads at other people’s waist level.

The UpLifting wheelchair can be propelled and maneuvered by hand at any height. The user always remains in the same seated position. The wheelchair allows users to sit at any table, workspace or counter. It allow users to cook at a stove, reach cabinets and shelves, access all parts of a refrigerator, and clean dishes at a sink. It saves users from expensive home renovations. It eases the transitions between wheelchairs, beds, and toilets. And, it reduces the strain (especially back-injury causing strain) of nurses and caregivers who have to move people in wheelchairs.

17% of wheelchair users are independent people with careers. We intend this to be the initial market of the UpLifting wheelchair. Future markets are hospitals, nursing homes, and children. Demographic trends, including people living longer, will increase the number of people who can benefit from UpLifting wheelchairs.

UpLifting Wheelchair used to reach high up items in kitchen
The UpLifting wheelchair allows a user to easily reach objects in his or her home.

How it Works

The UpLifting wheelchair is an indoor/outdoor mechanical wheelchair. The seat height is adjusted using batteries, which are not used for any purpose but vertically moving the seat. Changing the height of the seat does not incline the user or change the posture of the user in any way.

The UpLifting wheelchair is a patented device composed of two main components (assemblies): a lower frame assembly and a seat assembly. The lower frame assembly contains two rear wheels, two front caster wheels, batteries, and an electrical control unit. The seat assembly contains a seat, a seat back, two handwheels, two footrests, and two side guards. A scissor lift connects the lower frame assembly and the seat assembly, and is extended and retracted with an actuator. A system of chains and sprockets connects the handwheels to the rear wheels. Many independent users of manual wheelchairs have used our prototypes and provided feedback that the design offers significant benefits in daily life.

Eating at a counter at standard wheelchair height
In a low position, the wheelchair is similar to using any manual wheelchair.
Eating at a counter with the UpLifting Wheelchair
In a raised position, the user can eat comfortably at any table or counter.
UpLifting Chair used to talk to standing person at eye-level
The UpLifting wheelchair allows people to talk at eye level.
UpLifting Chair used to view a microscope
Scientific and engineering equipment is difficult or impossible to use in most wheelchairs. This laboratory technician uses an UpLifting wheelchair to use a microscope.
UCSD Commencement June 16, 2019
Erik Hernandez approaches the UCSD podium to give the 2019 Commencement Address.
Mr. Hernandez raises up to the podium in an UpLifting wheelchair.
Mr. Hernandez raises up to the podium in an UpLifting wheelchair.
The University of California San Diego Commencement, June 16, 2019.
The University of California San Diego Commencement, June 16, 2019.

Child Versions

Parents have consulted with us and stated that the UpLifting wheelchair would be extremely valuable in taking care of infants and children. Daily tasks including feeding and washing children would be one of the greatest benefits of the UpLifting wheelchair. Therefore, having a youth version is one of our highest priorities for the future.

Contact Information

Jerome Connelly Farmer
UpLifting LLC